YellingGirl Tells You How to be The Boss!!!

So, I was reading this article on Yahoo! ’10 Reasons You’re Not the Boss’ … and since I’m trying to be the boss in my own life, I figured I would see if these 10 “reasons” could help me gain a little perspective on what it really takes to be a boss.

So, enclosed are the 10 Reasons You’re Not the Boss, and my follow-up to what being the boss really means.

1. You don’t look the part.

YellingGirl: Do you know how many bosses I’ve had that looked like they just crawled out of a Salvation Army that just gave birth to Goodwill?

“Dressing the part” will only ensure you stay conformed to their rules and regulations! Trust me the people who move and shake don’t give a fuck about what pants their wear. You think the nerds in Silicon Valley worry about what designer to put on when they are mapping out a multi-billion dollar idea?!

2. You’re terrible at time management.

YellingGirl: If you are really the boss, there are people who will keep time for you. Time Management is peon shit, time stands still for people with power!

3. You aren’t very good at tough conversations.

YellingGirl: Who needs to be good at “tough conversations”, firing people and shit is for peons and mid-level drones. Trust me a real boss doesn’t do the firing, cause they don’t want to be on the retaliation list when that disgruntled employee comes back to pick up their final check and decides to direct deposit some people into heaven.

4. You gossip or are part of a clique.

YellingGirl: Of course you have to be a part of the clique, because you run the clique. Bosses are always at the head of every group, so they can control the inner circle. And I don’t have to tell you how important it is to have gossip started about yourself, it adds to your boss status. Let’s face it, everyone talks shit about Kim Kardashian; but they are talking about her, nonetheless.

5. You don’t know how to prioritize.

YellingGirl: Prioritize? If being a boss isn’t the only item on your list, then you are already off to a bad start. There is nothing to prioritize when there is only one thing to do.

6. You act entitled.

YellingGirl: If you have enough capital to be the boss, then chances are you come from money and a sense of entitlement is part of your pedigree. The rest of you, who work hard for your status, should feel entitled. Humility is for losers!

7. You don’t manage your own boss well.

YellingGirl: We have to talk about how this one even made the list! What boss has a boss that they need to manage?! Hello?!

8. You’re a complainer.

YellingGirl: Yeah, you complain! You scream! You do whatever you have to do to get where you have to get, and shove anyone out of your way that is in the way! This is another stupid one. You can sit there and struggle in silence, or you can make some heads roll while you climb your way to the top!

9. You do your job duties and nothing else.

YellinGirl: I think the write is just reach for anything to finish the list now. What duties do you have as a boss, other than giving other people orders?!

10. You don’t make your accomplishments visible.

YellinGirl: Everyone knows that the boss never has to show or prove. I’m not going to make things happen, I’m gonna hire other people who know what the hell they are doing to make me look good!

If you decide to take any of my advice, please be prepared to be on the unemployment line for a very long time; you might also want to look into getting an EBT card too!

Happy Job Hunting!

(original article from Yahoo!

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Yeah, I Eat Chicken, And So Do You…

(Warning Parental Discretion Is Advised – I warned you motherfuckers)

I get some tired of this black people eat chicken shit (well, not chicken shit, but chicken shit…you know what I mean!)





Every time I turn around someone white person is running their fucking mouths about black people eating chicken!

Listen here, there ain’t but some many fucking meats out there, and chicken happens to be one of them!  Unless, you live in some crazy ass country where they eat buffalo balls  or elephant ears, you are eating chicken just like the rest of us!

There is: beef, turkey, pork and fucking chicken! That’s four fucking options! In this recession ain’t too many motherfuckers eating lamb, and when they are, they are rationing out that lamb like the three damn peas that Tiny Tim and his family shared for Christmas dinner (you know them three peas they had to share amongst 15 people by cutting them into quarters, and then cutting the quarters into quarters?) 

I used to live on the Upper East Side, and when I said Upper East Side, I’m not talking about Spanish Harlem. No!  I’m talking about the Upper East Side where white people run rampant! Every time, I went to the KFC on 73rd & 2nd, there were more white people in there than at a Rolling Stones concert. These white people weren’t just ordering regular chicken either – they were ordering chicken backs and shit (I didn’t even know chicken backs were edible – who the fuck is frying the back of a gotdamn chicken when everyone knows the best meat is in the breast? … but I digress).  I would go in there and there would be a line that would extend out the damn door (mostly because they only had one register open and it was always some Indian guy training another Indian guy how to fuck up orders). So, white people eat chicken too, and if they didn’t there would be no need for a KFC on the Upper “White” Side.

Perdue is the whitest man I know and that niggas killed more chickens then 1 million black family reunions combined.

Remember  when chickens were contaminated with the bird flu, guess who was getting sick the most?! WHITE PEOPLE!

I also want to say to black people:  stop being embarrassed when you go to a restaurant with white people!


Order the damn chicken if you want, ORDER THE SHIT! And when the fried chicken comes to your table, rub it all over your face , suck all the meat off  and pick your teeth with the chicken bones! I guarantee you they won’t be saying “typical black person” ;they’ll be saying “I’ll have what she’s having”!


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Bey, Please!


See its shit like this why I can’t always fuck with Beyonce, she actually endorsed this bullshit!

 She had the crazy ass nerve to say “I think he did this video better than I did”.


B, shut the hell up. You know damn well, as amazing as you are can’t nobody do you better than you.  All this little boy did was come out the closet to his parents who thought he was buying your albums to jerk off to your album covers, now they know he’d rather steal your moves then use them as visuals in his masturbatory endeavors.

Now, I will give this little boy credit that he has some serious editing skills and attention to detail. However, I have to also question the quality of the original video. I’m just saying, B, if your video can be so easily duplicated maybe its time to go back to the drawing board.

Now, knowing that Beyonce has a legion of followers that rival those of Jesus Christ himself, I’m sure to get a lot of hate from this post. Let me say, that I’ve sunk enough money into the Beyonce gravy train without even getting a so much as a damn invitation to her wedding or baby shower, so she can take a little razing from me on this issue.

While I’m on the topic of Beyonce, who I’m convinced is the holy grail, stop worshiping this girl (and I’m sorta talking to myself cause I’ll buy anything Beyonce before I’ll even buy soap to wash my ass sometimes), she is perfect but she works very hard and practices to be on point. Beyonce fans are so crazy sometimes, you wonder if there isn’t really a cult of little young niggas worshiping her head shot.  Beyonce is the first to say go follow your dreams, so go out and follow them so you can make that money and sink it back into her ship! LOL


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Eddie Murphy Color Struck: Aint Nobody Got Time For That

Eddie Murphy loves him some hard faced, lightskin chicks!

Case in point, his ex-wife Nicole:

Oh, my bad that’s Ted Williams!

Here she go:







Wait, that’s MatthewMcConaughey. Okay, no here she is…


And trust me, I had to search high and low to find this picture which makes her look like a woman!


Then who can forget my girl Mel B?! Now, I love her face…but that body?! She looks like one of the niggas from ‘300’.








Damn, she just reminded me I need to do laundry with them washboard abs!


Oh, right I forgot you were married to Tracy Edmon for a week:














All I can say is I hope you find time to put a few darker sisters in your rotation, seeing as you have beautiful brown skin daughters.


Well, enough with my hate. I wish you and Rosci the best.


Here is Eddie’s newest squeeze Rocsi:



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I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for USHER!!!

Hold on…let me go find this nigga on Twitter real quick!

okay, back!

I just watched the latest video from Usher titled “Scream”. Chile! I’ve watched this video on repeat 19 times already.

It’s not some over-the-top video, with a big budget and a bunch of half naked women. The video is very minimal, and allows you to focus on the song. While most artist are trying to distract you with pomp and circumstance, Usher is just giving you his voice and a few moves. (I mean, of course there are lights too – its a video, you know what I’m talking about!)

My question now is:  why it took Chris Brown 18 bitches, waterfalls, and being half naked to get only half the effect in his latest video that Usher gets in “Scream”?

Huh, Chris?!

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It’s Ne-No for Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo’s new video “Lazy Love” is just as lazy as the title.  I mean, aside from the typical R&B/Hip Hop video format of generic video chick (no darker than a pair of kaki’s), this video was just another reason for me to miss the old R&B days; at this point I’d even take a video of Teddy Pendergrass in his wheelchair, before I would watch this video again!

Most of the video is spent trying to convince the world that Ne-Yo can “show you how your pussy works”…

…but all I can think about is:

..and Ne-Yo, 2 more things: Ro-Gaine

cause this hat only reminds me that …



you really look like this…

when the cameras are off!

Here, enjoy it for yourself:

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Brown Makes Pink See Red

     The beat wasn’t the only thing that Chris Brown had to keep in step with during the Billboard Awards. Homeboy, also had to worry about keeping his lips insynch with the pre-recorded track he was performing to during the awards show! He made Britney Spears’ lip synching look like 5 second delay!

     Just look at this shit:

     Is he serious?!
     Chris, even the Muppet’s sang live, AND OTHER PEOPLE DO THE TALKING FOR THEM!!!

     I wasn’t the only one who was feeling a little shaded when Brown gave that performance. Pink went on her twitter and blasted Chris with the following tweet: “One day if i lip-sync i hope i do it as well as him…”

     While, I think Pink was “doing the most” with her little comment. I do agree that he could have saved that performance for another show. No one wants to see you fake sing on the Billboard Awards; cause that’s the show where its all about showing people why you are at the top of the charts!

      Is this “So You Think You Can Dance?!”

      Chris was flipping around more than the niggas on the Universal Soul Circus. He needs to take a few notes from Usher; who despite going through a bitter custody battle, found the time to put on a nearly spotless performance (sorry, Ush, the “mirroring” scene was a great idea, but not exceptionally executed). Usher, showed why he has been in the game since the age of 10, by singing and dancing LIVE!!!!

      Now that’s a performance!

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Yamaneika does the Roc Belushi Podcast

**Click Here To Listen**The Monthly: Featuring Yamaneika AKA Yelling Girl

So, I did my boy (Roc Belushi’s) podcast. Listen to the fun, the ignorance, the pain, and joy!

The most amazing part is listening to Candace fuck up my name not ONCE but FIVE times!

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You Want To Do What, Brian McKnight?! Nah, I’m Good.

Child, I don’t know where to being! I really don’t. I fainted 20 times just trying to write this entry. Brian McKnight is really on one!  This has to be the worst day in R&B history since hearing that Ashanit was coming out with another album. Brian McKnight has decided to release a mix tape of “adult” music. Now, when I heard ‘adult’ I thought he meant for the mature audience that doesn’t want to hear this kiddie bullshit that is being played on the air waves right now, “Yes, I’m talking to you Kirko Bangz!”  But was I wrong!!!!

Watch this shit!!!:

All I can say is…

Now, I’m sure you weren’t able to watch the video above, because when Brian’s publicist and the rest of his team wake up in the morning, they are gonna pull this video faster than I snatch my wig off when I walk throught my front door. So in case you couldn’t see the video, let me just recap for you…

Brian starts off by saying he had “an idea”, which if anyone has followed Brian’s career knows that a man who hasn’t had a number 1 hit in over 10 years, can’t have too many bright ones. The he drones on about how he was on Twitter and talking to his fans about different topics they wanted him to tackle, but felt like everyone just wanted to hear one thing from him. Against, all this requests he goes on to say he wanted to tackle a more sexual topic and titled the song “If Your Ready To Learn”. I was sitting there like “Okay, let’s do this”.  Then this fool starts singing


Let me show you how your pussy works

Since you didn’t bring it to me first

I have lots of things to show you,

if you’re ready to learn

Let me show you how your pussy works

Betch, you didn’t know that it could squirt

I have lots of things to show you,

if you ready to learn

Verse #1

Every time you give it up, you leave so unsatisfied.

Pointing the finger, the feelings that linger, leave you asking questions ‘why’

They talk a real good game, but they don’t know what a tongue is for

They wine you and dine you. You let them inside you and leave you wanting more

I did my post grad in Sociology so what I tell you might seem strange

The things you don’t know about your Physiology, you don’t have to ashamed


SMH! Then this fool has the nerve to say at the end of the video “Let me know what you think”.

Brian, you want to know what I think?!

That’s the saddest part of the video, he thought he was gonna get positive feedback on this song. Well, child, Twitter played his ass like a tennis match between Venus and Serena. Here’s the problem. No one wants to see Brian McKnight, the golden crooner, sing about making pussies work. I mean, are you Cliff Huxtuable?! If I want to know how my pussy works, I’ll go see my GYN. As soon as they words came out of his mouth, I went straight into my bathroom and dropped my panties to make sure my pussy was still working. Brian, you sound clinical in this song, not sexy! Its sounded like an ad for some type of vaginal commercial for dysfunctional pussies. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!  Part of my soul died after I heard that song, because hearing Brian McKnight sing about making a pussy work is like listening to Mahalia Jackson sing “My Neck and My Back” by Khia.  No nigga playing a  Casio 5000 and wearing a “Where’s Waldo Shirt” can tell me shit about making my pussy work. However, the song is so deliciously awful, it might just become a number one hit on iTunes.

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Hello world!

Welcome to!

Your souce for up-to-the minute rants/hate/and beef w/ this society we live in and the morons who inhabit it!


Yelling Girl

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